Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My whirlwind of a day!

Let me just take you through this whirlwind of a day.  

We started the morning finishing up our "My Earth Books" that turned out pretty stinkin' cute...  We've read several "Earth Day" books and talked a lot about taking care of the environment.  You can find my Earth Day unit on TPT!

In Math, we have started multiplication.  My poor kids want to skip straight to memorizing multiplication facts, but I have had to explain several times that we just aren't going there this year, ha!  They want to be big kids so badly! We just started working through my "Multiplication Situations" unit.  Here's a little "model" we made today.

I had a bunch of stuff for the kids to choose from like marbles, cotton balls, jingle bells, jewels, beans, macaroni, foam shapes, and more!  Then, they wrote a story problem to go with their handprints/what they were holding.

And then, all of the cuteness came to a sudden stop.  We had been warned of severe storms that were in our area, but we really thought they were going to pass over us.

3:15 comes and it's time for dismissal.  We start releasing the kids to their cars (maybe 10 cars actually leave the parking lot), then the tornado sirens go off.  All students and teachers were asked to go into immediate lockdown.  So, dismissal came to a stop.  About 10 minutes later all of the parents leave their cars to also come in and take cover.  Talk about a crazy afternoon.  We hear that the storms have passed and different areas/schools in our town have been hit.  Around 4:00 we begin to dismiss students again.  Thankfully we got most kids into their cars and out of the building.  About 10 minutes into our 2nd dismissal we have to take cover and go into lockdown again.  Seriously, crazy!  Around 4:30, all was clear and we were able to go home after completing our 3rd dismissal!  This was after a lot of worry, tears, frustration (from parents), phone calls, and much more!  PTL that our staff remained cool and collective.  Our main priority was definitely keeping our kiddos safe and calm!  Nothing like having over 500 students plus teachers plus their parents all locked in the building!

This picture was taken right outside our school building (by someone much braver than myself!):

This is just a glimpse of the devastation that occurred in the neighborhood where my sis-in-law teaches and where my best friend's house is.  It truly looked like a war-zone.  Thankfully my sis-in-law is safe and my friend's house was untouched!

We are so thankful that our home, family, dogs, etc. were untouched.  Please keep the families who have lost so much in your prayers.



Miss Taylor said...
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Miss Taylor said...

So scary! So glad that you and your family are safe!

Ms Watson said...

Oh my! That is terrible. Are you in Texas?

Krista Carlson said...

Thinking and praying for everyone affected by these storms! Glad you are safe!

The Second Grade Superkids

Miss T said...

Glad you are safe!

Cute Earths and multiplication crafts by the way :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Sprinkle Teaching Magic (Sheila) said...

How scary! I cannot even imagine having that many students and parents in lock down. Sending prayers and good thoughts. What a loooong day you have had. Love your multiplication project...especially liking the one with blue nail polish.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are safe and sound. I am in Fort Worth and the storms passed close to us, but no damage. We will be praying for your town and fellow teachers.

diditeach said...

I have been thinking about you all evening with all of the storm reports....decided to check one more time before I head off to bed. Sooooooo glad you are ok, that sounds very scary. Take good care, will pray for all the families affected.

Busy Bees said...

So glad you are safe. Just started thinking about Earth Day and love your project!! My cousin lives in Ft. Worth and was flying back from vacation and is stranded and can't get back home. Hopefully tomorrow. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers!!

Mrs. Sheehan said...

I'm going to be doing your Earth day activities next week. I'm super excited! I can imagine how frightening that must have been for your kids. Thank goodness you guys are ok. One good thing about AZ is that we don't have scary weather. But, we pay the price during the summers.

Michelle D. said...

I am up in Illinois, but are glad to here you are safe. I saw a llot of the devastation on the news this evening. Prayers tto yur family, friends and community.

Lili Garcia said...

I thank God that you're ok. Sending prayers and good wishes to all the people that were affected, I'm truly sorry of their loss.

Corinna said...

Wow, that is so scary!! Glad to hear you are okay. Hope good weather heads your way!!
Surfin' Through Second

Courtney Bartlett said...

That is so scary! So glad that you are ok and your Earth books are adorable.

Swimming into Second

Lovely Nina said...

I'm glad you are okay!

Lovely Little Learners

Ali said...

Glad to hear that everyone was safe! I can't imagine how scary this must be! The worst weather we ever deal with is a lot of snow.


An Education Lasts a Lifetime

Debra said...

Praying for you all! We went through this last April in Alabama where I live...the devastation and heartbreak is horrible.


Tania Knapp said...

Glad to read everyone at school and at home are safe. Please let us know if how we can help.
My Second Sense

Holly said...

Yikes - that is so scary! I'm glad you were all okay. I can't imagine looking out my window and seeing that. Even crazier, staying out in it and taking a picture! YIKES!

Can you tell me what you use to hang your cute projects on? I used to have a wire in my old classroom, but haven't put one up yet - and I like the cuteness of yours!


Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Cynthia said...

Oh, my goodness. How scary that must have been for all of you. Glad you are all okay!

Hope King said...

I said a BIG prayer for you yesterday! I didn't know if it was in your area or not, but it was all over the news! So scary! Glad you are safe!

Ashlee said...

So glad you and your students are ok! A tornado hit my hometown in January. It was the scariest thing ever! The school I taught at last year was hit from the April tornadoes...it was so devastating seeing the damage from both places...and it did look like a war zone. I had many students that lost everything. I will keep ya'll in my prayers for sure!


www.jwhit.com said...

Glad to hear you're safe. Equally glad to see such a great multiplication/grouping activity.

Lesa Moore said...

I am so sorry for your community. I will pray that everything will get back to normal and that nothing like this happens again.

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I'm so glad you're okay! That picture is crazy, I couldn't imagine seeing that outside my school!!

Your Earth Day books ARE stinkin' cute! I can't wait to make it with my littles! :)

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are safe. I was thinking about you last night when I saw the storms on the news.

Love the Earth Day activities!

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Love the Earth Day books!

Oh my!! It sounds like quite a day. That would be so scary seeing that right out the door. Great job to you and your staff at staying calm.


Janice said...

So glad to hear you and your family are ok. Praying for you.

Kelley Cirrito said...

I looove your Earth Day projects. That is soo scary! I am glad you are all ok. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help people in your town!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all.