Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Number Line Favorites!

This week has been ALL about the number line.  We're talking about #s before, #s after, even/odd, number order, and all the like!

It's been a nice break from place value.  Fairly certain I dream about ones, tens, and hundreds.  Next week we are heading back into the PV world with thousands, so this week was a much needed break!  And, like I tell my kids... we pretty much ALWAYS deal with place value because when numbers are involved, so is PV!

Anyways, my number line has been the gathering spot of the classroom this week.  So glad it's down low and accessible.  We refer to it all throughout the day.
We started the week making our own number lines from 0-20.  I gave each student a sentence strip, and a number line they made!  We used Do-A-Dots to code our even/odd numbers.

We also played a class favorite:  Even Steven, Odd Todd.
One of our math stations is putting together hundreds puzzles.  These are from Primary Punch, and my students LOVE them!
We also colored a page of numbers by even/odd and then ordered the numbers from least to greatest on a sentence strip.  I can't find these numbers for the life of me, but here are some even/odd freebies HERE.
Even number oder on one side, odd numbers on the other!
We've also been hard at work identifying patterns in number lines and missing numbers.  This is HARD stuff, so we've started out small during our whole group time.  I found these number line cards HERE.  I displayed a number line on my screen, and passed out the missing number answer cards to my class.  My students drew the number line on their white boards, and we found the missing numbers.  The person with the missing numbers came and added it to our pocket chart.  If only every number line counted by ones we would be golden....
Hard at work solving the problems!
And that about does it!  Nothing fancy or cute, just getting down to business!  If you are looking for a fun game to play, this is always a class favorite!  I need to get it out for this year!  You can read more about that HERE!
And, I've made a printable version of the game so that you can display it on your projector, or laminate and have the kiddos play with a partner!  You can grab that HERE!
And here's a little poster you can display when teaching about number lines/missing numbers!  Click HERE for that!
Enjoy your evening!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Workin' On Word Problems

I've never really enjoyed teaching word problems.  I mean, they can be so stinkin' difficult to get and let's face it, they just aren't fun to teach.  I can never find enough word problems that are written in a way that will cover the standards I need to address, or the wording is just all off.  So, I'm not gonna lie... solving word problems hasn't always been a top priority of mine in the classroom.  We do them, but I tend to hold my students' hands for far too long because I'm scared they will fail when working independently.  But, this year, I've noticed that my kids aren't going to fail... they may not get it the first time, but if given the right tools they will get it eventually... maybe not every word problem they tackle, but the tools give them a means to at least get started.

So, after needing word problems for literally FIVE years, I decided to make a pack designed just for my kiddos.  Does it cover every single standard?  NO!  But, I have taken five concepts to start with, and hope to continue doing packs like this in the future to cover even more word problem types that address a variety of skills.  I had to start somewhere :)  So, let's take a closer look at what I've included:

Each concept:  Basic Addition, Basic Subtraction, Word Problems with Extra Info, Regrouping, and Multi-Step Word Problems has TEN word problems.  So, that's 50 pages that look like the ones below.  Print out the amount of pages you need for your class, cut into strips, and let your students glue into their math spirals OR onto scratch paper to solve.
Each concept also has a Scoot with EIGHT additional word problems.  So, that's NINETY different word problems in all.  If you wanted to mix operations, you could take a couple problems from each category and spread them around the room, like shown below.  Or, just focus on one operation at a time like you'll see in a minute!
Below you will see how each concept is broken down.  I've also included examples of the problems that we glue into our math spirals.  My way of solving problems may not be your cup of tea.  That's what I love about this pack... I don't tell you how to teach problem solving, I just give you some tools to implement in your classroom.  You can still teach the steps the way your school or district requires... or maybe the way that you've found successful in the past.  You'll also see posters that I've included throughout the pack... resources to help drive those skills home!

For each concept, I did try to include a variety of difficulty levels and I worded each one very differently so that my students have exposure to a number of problems.  I took into account what I thought they could do independently, and then tried to stretch it a little further.  I always like my kids to show their work/thinking because it helps me see what's going on in their sweet little brains!  Of course, that takes quite a bit of modeling at first, but once you get the ball rolling they will take off and surprise you!

You can click HERE or below to find more out about Workin' On Word Problems!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

MORE Place Value :)

Are y'all tired of me talking about Place Value yet?!  I'm going to keep this quick because you've seen most of these activities when we were doing 2-digit numbers, but I wanted you to get the links for 3-digit numbers also!

I love consistency, and so do my kiddos.  When I found this roll it!  make it!  expand it!  with hundreds I was stoked!  My kids loved it last week, so I knew it would be a hit again today, and it was!  You can find place value dice HERE and HERE.
 Speaking of consistency... we just HAD to play Rachelle's Bulls-Eye again, but this time we used googly eyes... Bulls- EYE (get it?!).
Practicing 3-digit numbers and having fun... Yes and Yes!
 Googly Eyes everywhere!
We finished up with a HTO flapbook from my Place Value Unit.  My kids were super excited I let them decorate the front cover, and they were silent... so I went with it ;)  
Get your work done on the inside, and color away!
I promise not to bore you with many more Place Value posts, but some things I just can't help but share!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Busy, Busy!

We have had a BUSY week, y'all!  I feel like I say that every week because it's pretty much always true, but this week seems to be extra busy!

Today, I realized that these little hot air balloons would be perfect for place value.  I had already printed this to use with my subtraction unit a few weeks ago, but we never got around to making them!  So glad I had saved the copies and they were right at my fingertips!  I might not have originally planned for these to go with place value, but so many things like this are super flexible!

On Monday, my students enjoyed this Place Value Scoot that you can find HERE for free!
And, today we did my Peekin' At Place Value activity.  My students had to write the word form, expanded form, and if the number was even or odd for each card.  This activity is in my Number Knowledge unit!
My 2nd class made the place value cherries that I had prepped for today.  Since I had initially planned to do both the hot air balloon and cherries in partners, I ended up having a class set of each craft.  So, one got the hot air balloon, one got the cherries, and they both served the same purpose... showing me what they have learned!  And, every student got to make their own individual model rather than share with their partner... that's always a relief :)

 I've also been prepping my math stations for next week!  I'm using Alisha's Wild Apples Place Value Unit in my math tubs... LOVE!
 In Reading, we finished up our Henry and Mudge unit!  My kiddos have fallen in love with Mudge, that's for sure!  I foresee lots of independent reading with his books in the future :) 

We sequenced the events from a story...

 We compared Mudge to Clifford

 And we finished off by making Mudge and writing about that slobbery guy! 

And, there you have it!  It was a busy week, but, hey... there's only two more days!  We can do it!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Plugging on with Place Value!

Hey y'all!  I'm just going to go ahead and throw in the towel on posting weekly visual plans and issue a HUGE 
And, I'll hope you will understand.  You see, I can't submit those lesson plans to my principal because we use an online system.  So, I was just making them for you lovely people... who totally deserve it, BUUUUTTTTT  I just don't have that many hours in the week to spare :(

Anywho, trekking on...

Today we started place value with THREE-digit numbers.  My students were all kinds of excited that we are now moving onto BIG numbers...not just a review from first grade.  They are pretty much big kids ready to take on adulthood at this point.  Except that BIG numbers can be challenging, so we go very sllllllooooowwwwlllly.

We started building numbers today.  I used these handy-dandy place value tents that a teammate of mine made for me years ago.  I believe the idea came from Kim Sutton.  Since we don't have hundreds blocks, I just use printable hundreds cards and it seems to do the trick :)  I would call out a number, my students first made it with their tent, then built the number with their blocks.  
 Before moving on to the next number we would check our work, touch and count the numbers, and discuss the expanded form as well.  I had students come up and model on the big screen.
 After we made lots of numbers together my students worked in partners to build a number on paper. I have printables of base ten blocks in both my Number Knowledge and Place Value Units.
 Since I forgot to introduce my Place Value Pals to my class last week, today was the perfect day.  I let my students name the little guys.  We talked about how picky Harry, Thomas, and Olaf are when it comes to putting them in the right place.  AND, how much they do NOT like to get out of order because they don't belong anywhere else!  I'm fairly certain my students think they are actual characters that come to life, which makes it all the more fun!
 I'd say we had a pretty good introduction to 3-digit numbers!  I'm excited to see how the rest of the week goes :)  And, since I'm not posting visual plans, make sure to follow me on Instagram because I post lots of pics throughout the day on there!  I'm hoping to continue blogging several times throughout the week so you can see what all we are up to!
Have a happy week!